Book released by Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

This book reconstructs the history of the Gupta Dynasty based on the  secrets hidden within the coin designs, issued between 319 AD to 543 AD. 

While inscriptions are a good source of data, the monetary system and the coins provide a truer picture of the actual reality of their successes and failures. 

The painstaking research over a period of 25 years has brought forth this Magnum Opus - a book full of new facts, new research and new Kings of this important period of India.  Using data from inaccessible private collections and Museums around the world, this book presents to the reader a vivid narrative on the successes and failures of the mighty Gupta Kings.

The author has illustrated every single coin variety and design known so far in Gold, Copper and Lead; as well as a complete range of all known Silver coins (which luckily enough show date) struck by the Gupta kings.  The new classification constructed within is comprehensive and intuitive. The book also documents the entire coinage of the Later Guptas and the related dynasties of Bengal. 

It includes an excellent section on the Ancient Indian iconography, history as well as the evolution of the designs as seen on the Gupta gold coins and is important treatise on India's history.  In addition to being a must 'read reference book' for history students, researchers, teachers and scholars, it is a quintessential reference book for collectors of rare ancient Indian coins to fully understand the relative rarity within the vast number of varieties as it covers a complete and full representation of the coins from the most important private collections (mostly inaccessible to the world), as well as most of the major Museums in India (also mostly inaccessible to all) and across the world. 

The book was released at the National Museum, New Delhi by the Minister of Culture for India, The Director General of the Archaeological Survey of India and the Chairman of the Indian Archaeological Society of India; as well as by the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi.



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